Attorneys & Medical Experts

Our attorneys and medical experts give you solid advice to avoid bureaucratic snafus in the first place. And if you do get tangled in red tape, we'll help you navigate the maze and get back in the air.

kathy yodiceKathy Yodice

Kathy Yodice, Esq., of Yodice Associates, provides counsel to AOPA and AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services. She’s assisted AOPA members for more than 13 years and is a former FAA attorney. Kathy owns a Cherokee 180 and has been a pilot since 1994.

gary crumpGary Crump

Gary Crump, AOPA's director of medical certification, is a former operating room technician and emergency medical technician who has been assisting AOPA members for more than 25 years. He's also a medical expert for AOPA's Pilot Protection Services and has been flying since 1973.

jonathan sackierJonathan Sackier

Dr. Jonathan Sackier is a surgeon, aircraft owner and AOPA Pilot Protection Services expert.