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Pilot Protection Services

About PPS

AOPA Pilot Protection Services bundles the AOPA Legal Services Plan with Medical Certificate assistance, providing you exceptional service and value.
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Benefits of PPS

Access to Legal Services and Medical Certification Assistance keeps you flying, saves you money, and gives you peace of mind.

For Participants

Participant-only access to educational resources and other benefits.

Protect Your Certificates

AOPA’s members-only Pilot Protection Services help keep you flying with medical certification assistance and the Legal Services Plan. From long down times and possible incidents to medical and legal issues that could cost you thousands in attorney’s fees, Pilot Protection Services is here to protect you from all of these potential setbacks

How can AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services help you with BasicMed certification?

As a participant in AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services, you’ll have access to our Legal Services Plan attorneys and medical certification professionals who can evaluate the facts of your individual circumstances to help determine if:

  • You are eligible to fly under BasicMed.
  • Whether your aircraft is a covered aircraft under BasicMed.
  • Your intended operations will comply with the flight condition limitations under BasicMed.

Aircraft Purchase/Sales Agreement

This courtesy sample document is being provided as a general guide to preparing an aircraft purchase or sales agreement. It is not designed to address every issue or contingency. Please consult a qualified attorney to assist you in drafting the actual agreement.

Download Agreement

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I received my First Class Medical in the mail yesterday. Thank YOU for your help with this mess. I shall NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be without an AOPA membership again. Please post this as needed to let everyone know how much I appreciate what AOPA has done for me to resolve this matter.
Larry Wilson
Larry Wilson