How can AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services help you with BasicMed certification?

As a participant in AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services, you’ll have access to our Legal Services Plan attorneys and medical certification professionals who can evaluate the facts of your individual circumstances to help determine if:

  • You are eligible to fly under BasicMed
  • Whether your aircraft is a covered aircraft under BasicMed
  • Your intended operations will comply with the flight condition limitations under BasicMed
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When Your Medication Isn’t Allowed for Flying

This is a topic we hear about often in the Pilot Information Center from those airmen seeking a first, second, or third class medical certificate. We’ve written about the FAA’s medication usage policy in the past. However, we haven’t talked about the “alternate pathway” of negotiating with the FAA to consider a medication that currently resides on the FAA’s “Do Not Issue/Do Not Fly” list.

2017, 01 31


Pilot Protection Services Medical Mailbag- February Q&A

This month, we address your thyroid questions.

2017, 01 30
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PPS: Plan Details

AOPA Pilot Protection Services safeguards your pilot and medical certificates with two plans available at $49 and $99 annually.

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Why Do I Need It?

Let's face it, we're human. A simple FAR error or oversight, or an unexpected medical situation could result in months of down time and thousands of dollars in fees.
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Attorneys & Medical Experts

One-on-one legal advice potentially worth thousands of dollars, advice and tips on your medical questions, and much more!    

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