Protect Your Certificates

AOPA’s members-only Pilot Protection Services helps keep you flying with medical certification assistance and the Legal Services Plan. From long down times and possible incidents to medical and legal issues that could cost you thousands in attorney’s fees, Pilot Protection Services is here to help protect you from all of these potential setbacks.

How can AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services help you with BasicMed certification?

As a participant in AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services, you’ll have access to our Legal Services Plan attorneys and medical certification professionals who can evaluate the facts of your individual circumstances to help determine if:

  • You are eligible to fly under BasicMed.
  • Whether your aircraft is a covered aircraft under BasicMed.
  • Your intended operations will comply with the flight condition limitations under BasicMed.

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What Members are Saying about PPS

I have been a member since 1990 and have mainly consulted for medical issues for me and my students. This is the first time I have contacted for legal and you were very helpful and "spot on" as the medical team is!

Love this benefit more than anything about my AOPA membership.

I wasn't sure what I would find but I expected a long wait on 'hold', which did not happen. I was talking to a counselor within a minute. He was knowledgeable concerning pilot deviations and figured out a course of action immediately. I took his advice and then contacted the FSDO.

I have used AOPA legal service twice now. Each counsel was very knowledgeable and got back to me quickly which really helped because of the unsettling nature of dealing with the FAA. The service has been excellent on all counts.

Participant feedback is gathered from AOPA’s LSP Customer Satisfaction Survey and does not guarantee the same or similar results concerning your legal matter.