Protect Your Certificates

AOPA’s members-only Pilot Protection Services helps keep you flying with medical certification assistance and the Legal Services Plan. From long down times and possible incidents to medical and legal issues that could cost you thousands in attorney’s fees, Pilot Protection Services is here to help protect you from all of these potential setbacks.

How can AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services help you with BasicMed certification?

As a participant in AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services, you’ll have access to our Legal Services Plan attorneys and medical certification professionals who can evaluate the facts of your individual circumstances to help determine if:

  • You are eligible to fly under BasicMed.
  • Whether your aircraft is a covered aircraft under BasicMed.
  • Your intended operations will comply with the flight condition limitations under BasicMed.

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What Members are Saying about PPS

The attorney with whom I spoke, Mr. Carver, was very helpful. He struck the right balance between an honest assessment of my situation and an encouraging demeanor. It was my first contact with AOPA Legal Services, and it was a positive one.

In 3 minutes I was speaking with an attorney who was very capable and engaged. He offered excellent advice. My case of a possible runway incursion was quickly resolved as a nonevent. The service is beyond excellent - it’s perfect! Thanks!!

Thanks for the great advice and access to such knowledgeable counsel. Like the panel attorney who assisted with this matter so much that we've retained him for additional work. While I suspect that few pilots ever want to have to retain counsel, it's great to have legal services available if you need such responsive and high quality advice! As others have said, AOPA Pilot Protection Services really is one of the best bargains in aviation!

As a pilot who flies professionally in a crew environment I highly recommend their services. Especially if you are in a non union operation as there is no one to advocate on your behalf if something goes awry. You hope to never require these services, but you need to be able to call and get the right help and referral should you need it. They are an excellent source and responsive. They are well worth the money.

Participant feedback is gathered from AOPA’s LSP Customer Satisfaction Survey and does not guarantee the same or similar results concerning your legal matter.