Legal Services Plan Benefits

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Enforcement Actions

Accidents, Alcohol Tests, or Drug Tests

State or Local Actions, Civil Penalty Court Cases, U.S. Customs and Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Aircraft Purchase or Sale

Tax Matters

Documents Review and Critique

Free half-hour consultation with AOPA Panel Attorney

Medical Certification Benefits

Record Review

FAA Medical Application Status Check

As a participant in AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services, you’ll have access to our Legal Services Plan attorneys and medical certification specialists, as well as the following benefits:

  • Original, first-run legal and medical certification content by nationally known medical and legal professionals in our exclusive monthly Insights newsletter, and in the Participants-Only section of the PPS website.
  • Legal and medical certification-related webinars on some of the most important topics to pilots, such as BasicMed, the FAA’s Compliance Philosophy, Drones and the Legal Landscape, and aircraft ownership.
  • Legal support to help protect your Part 61 airman certificate while engaged in UAS or model aircraft flight activities solely for hobby or recreational purposes.

More than 70,000 AOPA members have already placed their trust and confidence in PPS’ legal services staff and medical certification specialists to help protect their airman and medical certificates. Why don’t you?