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We know that PPS participants are some of the most dedicated and active pilots in the air - thank you for trusting us to help protect your certificates.

Safeguard Your Freedom to Fly: Exclusive Program for AOPA Members

With growing government regulations, even the best and most experienced pilots can make a simple FAR error or commit a U.S. Customs violation. Likewise, you could be grounded by a newly developed medical condition. Plus, contracts to own or rent an airplane are more complicated than ever.

When these things happen, you need experienced professionals who can provide support and representation to guide you through the system or provide the proper defense for you.

That’s why AOPA developed the AOPA Pilot Protection Services, which bundles the AOPA Legal Services Plan and Medical Certificate Assistance. Only available to AOPA members.

Most of all, the AOPA Pilot Protection Services, including the valuable AOPA Legal Services Plan, helps keep you doing what you love — flying!

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