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Your pilot and medical certificates mean everything and AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services’ trusted legal counselors and medical certification specialists can help protect them. We assist thousands of members each year with certificate-related legal and medical issues. Fly with the peace of mind that, as pilots, we’re here to help keep you flying.

Their years of expertise, combined with AOPA’s national network of over 600 panel attorneys in all 50 states, can help you navigate the legal complexities of alleged airspace violations, potential enforcement actions, runway incursions, US Customs matters, drug and alcohol related issues, and more.

AOPA’s team of medical certification specialists has ushered thousands of pilots through the FAA’s complicated system for medical certification. Medical Certification specialists will submit periodic inquiries to the FAA in order to monitor the status of your case review, and can proactively review your medical records prior to submission to the FAA to help avoid unwanted scrutiny of your records and unnecessary delays in the review and evaluation of your medical application.

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Access to Insights, our monthly participants-only eNewsletter, monthly podcasts, and 24 hour-a-day access to a wide range of original web-based content created by nationally known medical and legal professionals.