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Coming home to Frederick

Members only | 2014, 09 15

If you’re planning to fly into Frederick, Maryland, for AOPA’s Homecoming Fly-In on Oct. 4, you’ll need to be sure to fulfill your pre-flight obligations in familiarizing yourself with the operating times of the tower and any special procedures for arrivals and departures at the airport.

Pilot Counsel: Revisiting shared expenses

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 09 04

Two recent legal interpretations by the FAA’s chief counsel deal with the time-honored privilege of a private pilot—and a commercial and ATP pilot while exercising only private pilot privileges—to conduct a shared-expense flight.

Conquer your smoking addiction

Members only | 2014, 09 01

Dr. Jonathan Sackier recently received a plea from a well-known figure in aviation: "Jonathan, can you please help me? I have been smoking for years and know I need to stop but cannot. I am 61, have some problems with my blood pressure and have had blocked coronary arteries that needed stents. What can I do?" Check out Sackier's advice.

Pilot Protection Services Medical Mailbag- September Q&A

Article | 2014, 08 29

Dr. Jonathan M. Sackier, Dr. Warren Silberman, and Gary Crump, RN, answer your medical aviation questions.

FAA requirements for heart bypass, stent procedures

Members only | 2014, 08 25

A common question at the AOPA Pilot Protection Services booth during EAA AirVenture this year was, “What are the requirements after heart bypass and coronary stent procedures?”

Select your AME carefully

Members only | 2014, 08 18

AOPA is actively pursuing the relaxation of third class medical requirements for pilots flying recreationally. For now, though, we still have to undergo medical examinations, and choosing an aviation medical examiner can be an important part of your FAA medical certification renewal experience.

I'm having fluttering in my chest!

Members only | 2014, 08 12

Dr. Warren Silberman discusses the very common cardiac irregularity called atrial fibrillation and what pilots who have the condition can do to get their medical certificate back.

Fly Well: Is your wiring firing correctly?

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 08 05

Don’t blow a fuse from overload; let’s explore a few common and interesting human wiring issues.

Pilot Counsel: Aircraft ‘accidents’ and mishaps

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 08 05

The NTSB’s official definition of an aircraft accident is different from what is more frequently referred to colloquially as an aircraft accident.

Pilot Counsel: Don’t wait too long

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 07 31

It is time to remind readers about the FAA’s Aviation Safety Reporting Program—administered by NASA as the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS).