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All’s well if your end is well

Members only | 2014, 12 16

Given how much time pilots spend sitting while flying, how often aviators discreetly ask Dr. Jonathan Sackier questions, and how common and problematic medical issues "down there" are to pilots, it's an important subject to discuss.

Tips to prevent clots

Members only | 2014, 12 08

Deep vein thrombosis, a clot forming deep inside the legs, has the capacity to kill. Find out what you can do to avoid this problem.

Pilot Counsel: Defining airworthiness

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 12 01

A recent opinion of the NTSB in an FAA enforcement case illustrates the sometimes convoluted concept of aircraft “airworthiness.”

Fly Well: Aching joints

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 12 01

Subtle aging indicators—including feeling bad in the morning without having fun the night before and what doesn’t work, hurts—lead me to believe I am aging.

Pilot Protection Services Medical Mailbag- December Q&A

Article | 2014, 11 26

Dr. Jonathan Sackier, Dr. Warren Silberman, and Gary Crump, RN, answer your medical aviation questions.

Tips for getting your medical back after suffering a stroke

Members only | 2014, 11 21

How does the FAA's medical certification folks look at airmen who have had a stroke? The current FAA policy denies medical certification for two years after such an event. Once that time has passed, airmen can apply for a medical but must supply the appropriate paperwork. Find out what kind of tests and reports you'll need to provide.

More tips for the student pilot: Seeking your first medical

Members only | 2014, 11 17

Warren Silberman, former manager of FAA Aerospace Medical Certification, continues a discussion of student pilots seeking their first FAA medical.

Six medical tips for the student pilot

Article | 2014, 11 10

Many student pilots are woefully unprepared for their first flight physical, notes one aviation medical examiner. Here's what they can do to be ready for that first visit to the AME.

It could happen to you

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 11 07

It could happen to you. Flying into notam-established security airspace is one of the most prevalent violations charged against general aviation pilots.

Antidepressant medications and flying

Article | 2014, 11 03

Check with the aviation medical examiner you plan on seeing or call AOPA in advance of performing your medical examination, especially if you have some medical condition or are taking a medication on a regular basis.