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Why did the FAA issue a new sleep apnea policy?

Members only | 2015, 03 20

Former FAA Aerospace Medical Certification Manager Warren Silberman explains why the FAA issued its new sleep apnea policy March 2.

The federal tax man cometh

Article | 2015, 03 13

It’s tax time. As if filling out tax forms isn't challenging enough, it can get even more difficult to claim aviation-related expenses, depreciation, and other deductions.

Try to comply

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 03 09

FAR 91.213 is a rule that has troubled general aviation pilots and owners for years.

Battling late-season influenza

Article | 2015, 03 06

Dr. Jonathan Sackier offers advice for dealing with the flu.

Get an inside look at the FAA's new sleep apnea policy

Article | 2015, 03 03

On March 2, the FAA published its latest guidelines on obstructive sleep apnea. Former FAA manager of aerospace medical certification Warren Silberman describes how the policy divides pilots into six groups.

Pilot Protection Services Medical Mailbag- March Q&A

Article | 2015, 03 01

Dr. Jonathan Sackier, Dr. Warren Silberman, and Gary Crump, RN, answer your medical aviation questions.

FAA offers interpretation of solo endorsements

Members only | 2015, 02 17

How long is a solo endorsement valid? The regulations can be confusing, even misleading, but recent FAA interpretation provides some clarification by distinguishing between student pilots and already-certificated pilots seeking additional certificates or ratings.

Medical conditions that don't require special issuance, part 2

Article | 2015, 02 06

In the past, we have talked about FAA’s newer program of Conditions that AME’s Can Issue (CACI). The FAA plans to expand this program in the future, but for now, here are some other conditions that require a report from the airman's treating physician, but will not likely result in a special issuance.

Medical conditions that don't require special issuance, part 1

Article | 2015, 02 03

There are many medical conditions for which the FAA expects the airman to provide some documentation at the time of the physical exam, but which will not lead to a special issuance.

Prostate cancer

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 02 03

Prostate cancer afflicts 220,000 men each year, killing 27,000.