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FAA medical application: Visits to health professionals

Article | 2015, 04 24

When you are filling out your medical application, do you know how to fill out the section that asks for a list of the visits to a health professional within the last three years?

The magic in the numbers

Article | 2015, 04 20

It is very common for pilots with a cardiac history to be asked to provide a lipid profile and fasting blood glucose as part of their special issuance evaluations.

A test that could save your life

Article | 2015, 04 13

Far too many people effectively die of ignorance from an almost completely avoidable disease.

Pilot Counsel

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 04 03

A recent legal decision reminds us that a pilot (or any other operator) is personally responsible to ensure that an aircraft on which any maintenance has been performed is appropriately signed off for return to service before the aircraft is operated.

Fly Well

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 04 03

Aviation gives us a magic carpet to ride, but comprehending how your body is affected by flight is as important as understanding how carb icing occurs.

Why did the FAA issue a new sleep apnea policy?

Members only | 2015, 03 20

Former FAA Aerospace Medical Certification Manager Warren Silberman explains why the FAA issued its new sleep apnea policy March 2.

The federal tax man cometh

Article | 2015, 03 13

It’s tax time. As if filling out tax forms isn't challenging enough, it can get even more difficult to claim aviation-related expenses, depreciation, and other deductions.

Try to comply

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 03 09

FAR 91.213 is a rule that has troubled general aviation pilots and owners for years.

Battling late-season influenza

Article | 2015, 03 06

Dr. Jonathan Sackier offers advice for dealing with the flu.

Get an inside look at the FAA's new sleep apnea policy

Article | 2015, 03 03

On March 2, the FAA published its latest guidelines on obstructive sleep apnea. Former FAA manager of aerospace medical certification Warren Silberman describes how the policy divides pilots into six groups.