Flying With Dad: Keith's Memories

Keith's story as told to AOPA.

Photo courtesy of James R. Goddard, Celtic Film Works

My story is rather different, as I haven't been "flying with dad" yet.

My father and I purchased a neglected 1946 Aeronca Chief 11AC that we're determined to get airworthy and flying again. My dad and the Aeronca Chief made the 2,356 mile round-trip journey in one piece, we got it unloaded on June 14, 2015- now the fun part of restoration can begin. With Father’s Day coming up on the 21st and I can't think of a better way to spend it.  

Photo courtesy of Keith Kie

My dad is a retired mechanic and he's beyond excited to finally be working on his own plane for a change, and I am over the moon knowing my dad is finally able to fulfill a life-long dream. Together it'll be very educational for me to learn about wood/fabric construction and spending quality time with my father. It might take a few years to get it done, but someday soon I'll be able to share a proper memory for "Flying With Dad", and perhaps take a cross-country flight together to show the previous owner what our hard work and dedication can accomplish. 

Memories will be made!

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