Flying With Dad: Mike's Memories

Mike's story as told to AOPA.

Photo courtesy of Mike Turney

Not only have my father and I shared the thrill of flying together but also shared a successful business career and was my Best Man 34 years ago when I married my wife.

My Dad and I have spent what seems like countless hours across from each other in the front seat of an airplane. Whether flying practice instrument approaches, seeking out the one hundred dollar hamburger or flying on a long cross country to Baja California or the Rockies, his professionalism both behind the yoke and in the example of his life has set the tone for mine. Later in life and as Dad regretfully began to personally question his physical skills he called me one day and said, "I'm going on my last flight today, I'll fly over your way." I can still vividly see the glint of sun reflecting off the wingtip and the deep hum of that Continental engine as I broke outside to see Dad's Bonanza make it's last circling pass high overhead of my home that day. Flying was Dad's absolute favorite activity and he loved it with all his heart but after that day he's never stepped foot into an airplane again. 

Thanks for the memories Dad (Donald E. Turney) and thank you for your life!

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