Flying With Dad: Davis' Memories

Davis' story as told to AOPA.

Photo courtesy of Davis Morgan

In 1968 when I was around twelve years old my dad bought a 1946 Taylorcraft and put in a grass strip in the pasture behind our house. My dad received his flight training in the Navy during WW II and he loved to do aerobatics. We would take the T craft up on a regular basis and had a habit of taking the doors off the airplane for extra ventilation in the summer months. On the fourth of July we left for an afternoon of local flying before the evening cookout. About 30 minutes into the flight dad decided to do some spins. As the aircraft stalled and fell into the spin the small baggage door behind us opened and everything inside went out the door opening.  This included a roll of paper towels. I can still see that roll of paper towels unrolling as it fell to the ground during our spin. I often wonder if those paper towels fell near someone what they thought about the “paper towels from heaven." My dad instilled a love of flying in me that still goes on today. He also was an inspiration to my youngest daughter who also is an active pilot.

Thanks for the memories dad!

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