Flying With Dad: Tom's Memories

Tom's story as told to AOPA>

Photo courtesy of Tom Kvanvig

I remember the first time my dad asked if I wanted to take the yoke and fly the plane.  I DIDN’T HESITATE even though I had a big lump in my throat and butterflies in my stomach.  It was amazing rush of adrenaline and pride.  It also awakened new sense of speed, distance, 3 dimensional space, and geography.  That was when I was about 6 if I can remember correctly, somewhere around the release of Star Wars – imagine the endorphins for a kid almost inside the X-wing fighter!  I still feel it when I get in my airplane today.  Beyond the gift of flight, it gave me courage to take other challenges in life knowing good things will happen after the butterflies settle.  What a great gift you gave me Dad!  Thank you so much.  Nothing else has quite equaled that experience in life and a direct connection with my dad.  The only things that maybe come close was: 1st solo, 1st aerobatics, 1st ride with dad as a licensed pilot, and buying/flying my 1st airplane “solo” (a beautiful ’49 Bonanza).

Thanks for the memories dad!

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