The FAA’s New Compliance Philosophy: What Does It Mean for You?

"The FAA’s New Compliance Philosophy: What Does It Mean for You?"Panel Attorney Seminar
AOPA Fly-In (Beaufort)

When: Saturday, May 21 
Time: 1:45pm
Location: Airports & Advocacy Pavilion

The FAA’s new Compliance Philosophy is a shift away from the traditional blame culture to one that uses non-enforcement methods to correct unintentional deviations or noncompliance that arises from factors such as flawed systems and procedures, simple mistakes, lack of understanding, or diminished skills. 

Since going into effect in October, 2015, hear about real world cases as told by AOPA attorneys and the FAA as they share their experience on how many unintentional FAR violations such as altitude deviations, airspace and runway incursions, and failure to comply with ATC instructions have been handled without enforcement action being taken.

Seminar Moderator - Tom Haines – Sr. VP, Media & Outreach, AOPA
As a senior member of AOPA’s leadership team, Mr. Haines is Associate Publisher/Editor in Chief of AOPA Pilot Magazine, manages AOPA’s media division and is an accomplished 3,300-hour private pilot with multiengine, instrument, and seaplane ratings, and holds type ratings in the Eclipse 500 and Cessna CJ business jets.

Jared Allen – Senior Attorney, AOPA
Mr. Allen is AOPA’s Legal Services Plan senior staff attorney and is an instrument-rated private pilot. He provides initial consultations to pilots through the Legal Services Plan when the FAA has contacted them about potential FAR violations. Jared has helped numerous pilots successfully navigate through the compliance program. 

Randy James – AOPA Panel Attorney, Winston-Salem, NC
A licensed pilot for more than 40 years, Mr. James holds a firsthand understanding of the issues facing pilots. He represents pilots throughout North Carolina and across the country in disciplinary hearings and has experience in counseling AOPA members through the new Compliance Philosophy process to help avoid enforcement action while increasing pilot safety.  

Jeffrey Smith – Manager, FAA’s Training and Certification Branch
Mr. Smith is currently on detail to the Director of Flight Standards as part of the Compliance Philosophy Focus Team. Jeffrey holds an ATP certificate, is a flight and ground instructor, and is certificated as an A&P mechanic. He is a cadet-orientation pilot, mission pilot, instructor, and check pilot for the Civil Air Patrol.

Robert Sutherlin – Greensboro FSDO
Mr. Sutherlin has been an FAA Operations Inspector for over 20 years and has served on the FAASTeam in Greensboro for over 10 years. Bob is an ATP with more than 13,600 hours, holds a CE500 Type Rating, is a Wright Brothers Master Pilot recipient, and earned his Master’s in Education from the University of Kentucky.

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