Panel Attorney Spotlight: Tad Wintermeyer

Tad Wintermeyer is licensed to practice law in Tennessee and admitted to practice in Federal Court. Mr. Wintermeyer has extensive legal and professional experience in the field of Aviation, dealing with a broad spectrum of aviation issues including helping owners, pilots, mechanics and aviation professionals with FAA enforcement and compliance issues. Mr. Wintermeyer regularly negotiates and facilitates aircraft acquisitions and sales, representing both domestic and international clients. He is a licensed A&P mechanic and Airline Transport rated pilot.  He holds PIC type ratings in the Boeing 747, Hawker and Citation Jet series aircraft.

AOPA: Since your last article in March 2016 on aircraft sale contracts, do you have a memorable flight or an interesting aviation story to share?

Tad: Since last writing, I have earned a Boeing type rating. I now fly the Boeing 747-400 and -8 internationally for a major airline.  It has been a fantastic opportunity and I love the challenges and rewards that come with this type of flying. Two years ago I never would have dreamed this possible.  I am so blessed to be able to combine my love of flying with the law in ways I never thought possible. 

This past summer, a friend took my wife and I up the Knik Arm in his Maule.  We took off from a lake near Wasilla, AK and flew up past the Knik Glacier.  My wife got to sit right seat, which blew her mind!  We landed on Inner Lake George in between the calving icebergs from the Colony Glacier.  On the way we saw goats, sheep, moose and a brown bear.  What a flight!  This past week I took my son up in a Baron and gave him some flight instruction.  He’s seven!

Thanks, Tad! 

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