2019 PPS Podcasts

We’re always looking for new ways to deliver aviation-related legal and medical content in a format that’s convenient for you to access. That’s why we’ve decided to launch quarterly PPS Podcasts in 2019. But to ensure we produce content that will make you want to tune in, I need your help.

In the December 2018 edition of Insights, I mentioned that I would be asking for your input on topics you would like us to highlight in each 15-20 minute podcast. These podcasts will feature AOPA Legal Services Plan attorneys and panel attorneys, as well as AOPA Medical Certification Specialists and PPS medical consultants, who will provide their insight and experience on the topics you help select.

To encourage you to take part in selecting the podcast topics, we’ve developed a simple poll that includes the 10 most common legal and medical topics members call us about. All you need to do is select the top 3 legal and top 3 medical topics you want to learn more about. The poll will not let you select more than 3 of each, so we’ve provided a space for write-in topics at the bottom. (Please do not forget to select the SUBMIT button when you’re done!)

Once we compile the results of the poll, we’ll be working behind the scenes to produce these podcasts. When done, we’ll send out email announcements (and promote in PPS Insights) with the dates and times the podcasts will be available for download, as well as a summary of the topics covered and a short bio on the guest speakers.

Please take a minute to participate in the poll now!


Thanks for your participation and I hope you enjoy the PPS Podcasts.

Fly safely!

Legal Services Plan Staff
This article has been provided by AOPA's Legal Services Plan staff.

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