Need a Review of a Hangar, Tie-Down, Aircraft Rental or Leaseback Agreement?

From time to time I like to shine the spotlight on a specific benefit under the Legal Services Plan that seems to “fly under the radar” in case you didn’t know about it and can benefit from it. This month I want to highlight LSP Benefit F, which is the Documents Review and Critique benefit. Here’s how it works…

On your behalf, the Legal Services Plan staff will review and critique one each of the following documents per enrollment year:

1. A hangar or tie-down agreement that an airport operator or fixed based operator (FBO) has asked you to execute;

2. An aircraft (including UAS or model aircraft) rental agreement that you have been asked to execute as the lessee; or

3. An aircraft (including UAS or model aircraft) leaseback agreement that you wish to enter into with an FBO.

Due to existing workload and available resources, we ask that you allow our LSP staff at least two weeks from the time we receive a copy of your agreement for a thorough review and critique. Therefore, please do not delay in contacting our office when you first get a copy of any of these agreements.

Finally, to avoid any potential confusion, this Benefit F is separate from LSP Benefit D, which is the Aircraft Purchase/Sale benefit where you can work with a panel attorney who can provide assistance with your aircraft buy/sell transaction. I last wrote about this great benefit in the October 2018 edition of PPS Insights.

As always, you can review the full LSP Plan Description to learn more about all of the great Plan benefits, or feel free to contact us with any questions you have by reaching out to our office Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 6pm (eastern). Our number is 1-800-872-2672. Press option #4 for the Legal Services Plan.

Fly safely!

Legal Services Plan Staff

This article has been provided by AOPA's Legal Services Plan staff.

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