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At the beginning of the year we promised to deliver some great on-the-go content via our new Pilot Protection Services Podcast channel featuring our AOPA Legal Services Plan staff attorneys and panel attorneys, as well as AOPA Medical Certification Specialists, PPS medical consultants and other leading industry voices. To date, thousands of you have tuned in to the first 6 episodes, and we appreciate that very much. However, for those of you who have not, here’s what you’re missing. 

PPS Podcast 1 - Lone Ranger vs. the Rogue Drone (Listen Now)

The first episode of the Pilot Protection Services podcast series was hosted by AOPA LSP staff attorney Chad Mayer who teamed up with AOPA’s Senior Director of UAS Programs, Kat Swain, to recap the requirement that went into effect on February 23, 2019 to display the FAA registration number on the outside of a drone. Then AOPA panel attorney Ms. Rachel McConoughey guided us through her article from SC Lawyer Magazine that explored possible legal issues in a hypothetical drone shoot down from the perspective of both the drone operator and the landowner who pulled the trigger.


PPS Podcast 2 - Heads or Tails (Listen Now)

The first Fly Well episode was hosted by Dr. Jonathan Sackier and featured AOPA's Director of Medical Certification, Gary Crump. Together they brought to light a few medical issues that can plague pilots but are rarely talked about. (Hint: Posterior problems!)


PPS Podcast 3 - Accident or Incident? (Listen Now)

It’s one of the most common questions that AOPA Legal Services Plan attorneys get from members after a mishap… “What’s the difference between an aircraft accident and an incident? And what, if anything, do I need to report to the FAA and/or NTSB?” (Featuring Tennessee panel attorney Edward Hadley.)


PPS Podcast 4 - Mental Illness and Pilots (Listen Now)

Dr. Jonathan Sackier and Gary Crump discussed something very prevalent in our society today: mental illness and suicide. These taboo topics are difficult but necessary to address - especially for pilots. 


PPS Podcast 5 - Bandit 650 (Listen Now)

The story of Doug Downey, a retired USAF Lt Col and Academy grad who flew as a fighter pilot in the F-16 Viper and the F-117 Nighthawk. Doug survived a near disaster in the F-117 that could have ended in a horrific crash in White Sands National Park. With his engines flamed out, it was time for plan B – but there was no plan B.  Doug’s riveting retelling of his amazing recovery from this nearly catastrophic event provides numerous aviation safety lessons that we can all learn from.


PPS Podcast 6 - Pressure Situations (Listen Now)

Dr. Jonathan Sackier and Gary Crump are back for the third Fly Well episode. Ear, nose, and throat issues can arise in pressured situations – which can be an issue for aviators and can be difficult from an aeromedical standpoint. Listen to learn more about what can be done when vertigo and other concerns rear their ugly heads.


Upcoming PPS Podcast – Flying to Help Others

Later this month we’ll be featuring AOPA Legal Services Plan panel attorney Rick Durden, who wrote an article for the July 2019 edition of AOPA Pilot magazine on public benefit flying. Rick will discuss the best ways for you to get involved in volunteer pilot organizations and the rules for volunteer flying before you jump in.


Be on the lookout for the email invitation coming out soon for PPS Podcast 7 - Flying to Help Others, and future episodes.


As always, feel free to contact our legal or medical staff with any questions you have by reaching out to our office Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 6pm (eastern). Our number is 1-800-872-2672. Press option #3 for Medical Certification or #4 for the Legal Services Plan.


Fly safely!

Legal Services Plan Staff
This article has been provided by AOPA's Legal Services Plan staff.

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