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Welcome to AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services, where our legal and medical certification staff and legal services staff and panel attorneys take on the struggles that all pilots deal with, from staying out of trouble with the FAA, becoming a better pilot, to staying healthy so you can stay in the left seat longer.

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Aircraft Purchase/Sales Agreement

If you’re thinking about buying or selling an airplane, or need guidance for setting up an LLC or Corporation for your aircraft, our national network of over 650 panel attorneys can walk you and your CPA through the process based on the applicable state laws.

This courtesy sample document is being provided as a general guide to preparing an aircraft purchase or sales agreement. It is not designed to address every issue or contingency. Please consult a qualified attorney to assist you in drafting the actual agreement.


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Welcome to the Pilot Protection Services podcast, where AOPA's legal and medical certification staff and leading industry voices take on the challenges and developments that all pilots deal with, from staying out of trouble with the FAA, to becoming a better pilot, and staying healthy so you can stay in the left seat longer. If you’re a fan of our monthly article content on our website, our podcasts are going to be the perfect addition to your audio library.

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What Members are Saying about PPS

I have been a member since 1990 and have mainly consulted for medical issues for me and my students. This is the first time I have contacted for legal and you were very helpful and "spot on" as the medical team is!

Love this benefit more than anything about my AOPA membership.

I really liked how quickly I was put in touch with an actual attorney to explain my problem.

I've always thought it was a good idea to pay for AOPA Legal Services, but I've never had to use them. It was just nice to have an attorney on my side to answer some questions. It looks like I will not need the vouchers to consult a local attorney, but it's nice to know how quickly the AOPA Legal Services came to my aid to offer sound legal advice.

The attorney with whom I spoke, Mr. Carver, was very helpful. He struck the right balance between an honest assessment of my situation and an encouraging demeanor. It was my first contact with AOPA Legal Services, and it was a positive one.

In 3 minutes I was speaking with an attorney who was very capable and engaged. He offered excellent advice. My case of a possible runway incursion was quickly resolved as a nonevent. The service is beyond excellent - it’s perfect! Thanks!!

Thanks for the great advice and access to such knowledgeable counsel. Like the panel attorney who assisted with this matter so much that we've retained him for additional work. While I suspect that few pilots ever want to have to retain counsel, it's great to have legal services available if you need such responsive and high quality advice! As others have said, AOPA Pilot Protection Services really is one of the best bargains in aviation!

As a pilot who flies professionally in a crew environment I highly recommend their services. Especially if you are in a non union operation as there is no one to advocate on your behalf if something goes awry. You hope to never require these services, but you need to be able to call and get the right help and referral should you need it. They are an excellent source and responsive. They are well worth the money.

Participant feedback is gathered from AOPA’s LSP Customer Satisfaction Survey and does not guarantee the same or similar results concerning your legal matter.