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Lessons learned at FL 370

As a GA pilot, I never want to fly with the “shoes-off” brigade, there are just too many irritations; schedules that don’t gel with mine, endless lines, having the chap in the seat in front in my lap, poor communication, fellow travelers who want to stuff everything including the kitchen sink into the overhead bins. And no peanuts.

2016, 09 23


Medications and new regulations: What it means for you

When the new third class medical reform regulations take effect in 2017, pilots who will be allowed to fly without the need for a current medical certificate will need to be well-versed on their responsibilities under the regulations, particularly 14 CFR 61.53 and 91.17 that address the use of medications while flying.

2016, 08 11
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PPS: Plan Details

AOPA Pilot Protection Services safeguards your pilot and medical certificates with two plans available at $49 and $99 annually.

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Why Do I Need It?

Let's face it, we're human. A simple FAR error or oversight, or an unexpected medical situation could result in months of down time and thousands of dollars in fees.
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Attorneys & Medical Experts

One-on-one legal advice potentially worth thousands of dollars, advice and tips on your medical questions, and much more!    

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