Paul Lange is licensed to practice law in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, as well as before numerous federal courts nationwide. His practice focuses on helping aviation businesses and other certificate holders resolve problems that are impacted by federal, state and local aviation laws and regulations. This includes FAA and DOT enforcement defense, air carrier fitness applications, airport access disputes, aviation business disputes, aviation accident response and emergency response planning, and the purchase sale and lease of aircraft. Paul spent 3½ years as an FAA attorney at the start of his aviation legal career, and presently serves in leadership positions in various aviation industry and bar association committees.

AOPA: How long have you been a panel attorney for the Legal Services Plan?
Paul: 30 years.

AOPA: Did you always want to be an attorney?
Paul: No. My interest developed while flying professionally.

What’s your pilot background?
Paul: ATP, ASMEL; CFII, A&M; ASES. Regional airline pilot early in my career; currently active GA pilot supporting the transportation needs of my law firm. 3,400+ TT in dozens of aircraft types.

AOPA: What’s been your most memorable GA flight/trip?
Paul: The annual trips to Oshkosh with my Dad.

AOPA: Wildcard… interesting fact about you?
Paul: Survived two days of multi-disciplinary FAA survival training, including six trips through the dunker.

Read Paul's May article, "How Prepared Are You to Respond to an Accident?" here


Thanks, Paul! 

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