Year End Thanks and Top 5 PPS Articles of 2019

As another year winds down, I want to thank you for continuing to place your trust and confidence in AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services. As pilots ourselves, we share your passion for aviation, so it’s our pleasure and privilege to assist fellow pilots with their aviation-related legal and medical certification needs.

I also want to recognize our national network of over 650 panel attorneys, many of whom represented members like you this past year in matters such as FAA enforcement actions, aircraft purchases, and accidents. In addition, I’m very grateful to those panel attorneys who contributed legal articles to this newsletter throughout the year.

Speaking of PPS Insights, I want to acknowledge and thank the other regular contributing authors of the newsletter; Dr. Jonathan Sackier, Dr. Kenneth Stahl, Larry Diamond (PharmD), as well as AOPA’s Director of Medical Certification, Gary Crump, for their insightful, and sometimes light-hearted perspective on serious medical topics. Our health and well-being are at the core of our “fit-to-fly” self-evaluation before each flight, so thanks for keeping a spotlight on those medical-related topics that can affect our ability to fly safely.


Additionally, I’d be remiss not to mention our staff attorneys, Ian Arendt and Chad Mayer, for their monthly articles and legal tip contributions, as well as senior staff attorney, Jared Allen, for his thoughtful guidance and advice on legal topics to write about based on the most common type of issues members call us about.


Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to give a special thank you to AOPA’s product marketing manager Emily Ramsay for all her work behind the scenes on PPS Insights to coordinate and deliver such a comprehensive and informative newsletter each month. It’s a heavy lift, but Emily has been the driving force behind it for the past couple of years and deserves to be recognized for her efforts that include the unenviable task of getting us all to submit our articles by the layout and design deadline each month, which can be like trying to herd cats. In the end, she always manages to pull it off with great results and I’m extremely appreciative for all she does to ensure we continue to produce exceptional content for you each month though PPS Insights and our quarterly PPS Podcasts.


And what would a year-end wrap-up be without some sort of Top 5 list? This year I wanted to highlight the top 5 most read PPS Insights articles in case you missed them.


  1. Be Prepared: Ramp Checks and What You Should Know – AOPA Panel Attorney, Ben Stauffer
  2. FAA Re-Examinations and Medical Certificates – AOPA Staff Attorney, Chad Mayer
  3. Bandit 650: Part Two – Kenneth Stahl, MD
  4. Doc, This Pain is Unbearable – Larry Diamond, PharmD
  5. BasicMed and Your Checkride – AOPA Staff Attorney, Chad Mayer


I hope you are able to spend quality time with your friends and family over the upcoming holidays and look forward to a great 2020 full of flying adventures.


Fly safely!

Legal Services Plan Staff
This article has been provided by AOPA's Legal Services Plan staff.

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