Understanding your PPS Benefits

We understand that you may not know what to expect when you pick up the phone to talk to an AOPA Legal Services Plan attorney. It shouldn’t be an intimidating call to make, so we wanted to share what you can expect when you first reach out to our teams.

If you’re looking for a status check on your medical application with the FAA, or review of your airman medical records prior to submission to FAA (available to Plus-Level participants only), you’ll want to contact our Pilot Information Center (dial 800.872.2672).

At the first hint of a legal issue, call the AOPA Legal Services Plan by dialing 800.872.2672, ext. 4.  One of our administrative assistants or paralegals will answer your call, verify that you’re enrolled in the AOPA Legal Services Plan (having your AOPA member number ready is helpful, but we can often identify you by your name and contact info) and begin the case intake process.  If there are any documents that are relevant to your call, such as letters from the FAA, be sure to have these available for reference. 

Depending on the matter that you are calling about, you may be provided coverage documentation and contact information for your local AOPA panel attorneys.  This is very common for matters that involve state law, like aircraft transactions.  For other matters, like an FAA enforcement action, you’ll be connected with an AOPA Legal Services Plan attorney who will provide an initial consultation.  Should representation by one of your local AOPA Panel attorneys be appropriate, you will be provided via email the appropriate certificate of coverage to use your Plan benefits along with the names of Panel Attorneys in your area.

Our hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (eastern).  We also offer great online resources that can answer many of your questions; we recommend starting with our “For Participants Only” page.