Expect the Unexpected

The one thing every pilot knows to expect is the unexpected. Even the most seasoned veteran pilot can fall victim to distraction by an awe-struck passenger or have an overwhelming workload in the cockpit while copying an amended clearance on climb out and have an inadvertent deviation from ATC’s instructions that gets the attention of the FAA.

AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services team knows that your pilot and medical certificates are invaluable, and our Legal Services Plan attorneys and Medical Certification Specialists are here to help you when things don’t go as planned.

We’ve compiled some of our most-read content for you on the topic of the unexpected:

The Wrong Stuff: What happens when a flight goes wrong? The FAA handbook lays out the case that being able to soldier on in spite of obstacles is obviously a good thing, but persisting with a bad plan is not.

Logbook Inspection Series: What to do when the FAA wants to see your pilot logbook. Panel Attorney John Hodge delves into your rights as a pilot, the request from the FAA, and practical considerations and best practices when this situation arises.

The Pilot in the COVID-19 World: a great article on some of the unexpected positives that came from COVID-19 by Dr. Brent Blue, Senior AME. While we’re on the topic of content, we hope you’ve enjoyed your first few months of Insights, our participants-only newsletter. It comes out the third of every month. If you’re looking for more content, check out the PPS Resources page to catch up on any articles you may have missed.